Our Services

Occupational Health measures the effects of work on health, and the effect of employee health on their performance, suitability and wellbeing. All employers have a legal responsibility to protect the health of their employees at work, and to advise employees on any work health issues. Caritas can provide clear cost-effective advice on issues that you may face in your organisation. Examples include:

Helping an employee with long-term sickness absence return to work.

Perform Health Surveillance (hearing tests, respiratory test, skin surveillance, Hand Arm Vibration surveillance) on Individuals who are exposed to hazards in the workplace such as noise and irritant chemicals.

Certifying individuals as fit to perform certain tasks such as drive fork lift trucks or work in confined spaces.

Perform statutory or industry required medicals such as Asbestos worker, Lead worker, Offshore medicals or railway Personal Track Safety medicals.

Helping individuals remain healthy and at work with initiatives such as flu vaccination.

Perform drug and alcohol screening.

Caritas Limited provide a range of occupational health solutions to our clients throughout Yorkshire and the North Midlands.

We work with companies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their staff and to make sure that our clients meet the many legal requirements in force.

Our clients choose Caritas because of the level of care which we provide throughout the process of dealing with us. Whether it is on site at a clients premises, or at one of aur many open clinics both managers and employees value our flexibility and efficiency (see TESTIMONIALS)